Mechanical keyboards (2)

It has been some months now that I have been using a mechanical keyboard at home. It has been great. Using it is really great. I have one of the loudest available, Cherry Blue switches. I simply cannot get enough of the sound. I do find the Backspace to have a ring, but that is ok. The tactile feedback is just such a delight. Typing is truly a joy. I know I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I cannot stress enough the happiness one gets out of typing on a mechanical keyboard. The thing is a brick, so not transportable. It is still ok to use my chiclet keyboard on my laptop when I am away from home, but a regular keyboard is awful. Mushy. Yuck. It makes me want to go home. On the downside, I suspect I may be having more typos than before. Somehow I am still not fully used to it. Do note that I do not properly type but instead have an eclectic style where for example the ring finger is barely used. Another ‘downside’ is that I have been struck by the mechanical keyboard virus and I am eyeing other keyboards to try out, specifically the Happy Hacking Keyboard, which uses Topre switches. Then again, for now I have been able to keep my enthusiasm orientated towards the keyboard I actually own and I could very well imagine to be using this one for the next 10 or even 20 years.

I shall write another update in a few months or so.

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