The Digital Orientalist’s Virtual Workshop and Conference 2021

The Digital Orientalist will be holding a Virtual Workshop and Conference on Zoom on June 26, 2021.

Invited speakers include:

  • Paula R. Curtis (Yale University), who will present on the state of the field of DH and Japanese Studies.
  • Chen Jing (Nanjing University), who will present her projects on photography.
  • Kristina Kleutghen (Washington University in St Lewis), who will speak on “The Qing Emperor’s Hindustan Jades: IIIF, QGIS, and Leaflet as Tools for Digital Art History.”
  • Mahmoud Kozae (Freie Universität Berlin), who will speak on on tools developed for AnonymClassic.
  • M. Willis Monroe (The University of British Columbia) and Matthew Hamm (The University of British Columbia), who will present on “The Database of Religious History — Browsing and Visualizing the World’s Religions.”

Other confirmed speakers include:

  • Matt Cornell and Merinda Davies speaking on “Fully Automated Human Touch.”
  • Jennifer Ball (Soochow University) and Xu Chao (Soochow University) presenting the paper “Introducing HanziFinder, a Hanzi substructure search engine.”
  • Mariana Zorkina presenting on “The clichés, the in-jokes, the duplicates: finding intertextuality in Tang poetry.”
  • Yan He, Sophie Muro, Ann James, and Ka Hang Ngau (George Washington University) offering a tutorial on “Navigating Digital Collections on Chinese Studies Using New ArcGIS Tools.”
  • Maciej Kurzynski (Stanford University), presenting on “On the Technology of the Sublime in Modern Chinese Narratives.”
  • Tyler Neill (Leipzig University), who will present on “LDA Topic Modeling in Sanskrit with ToPān and Metallō.”
  • Tilman Schalmey (Trier University), who will present on “Lexeme-based computational dating approaches for Literary Chinese Texts.”
  • Donald Sturgeon (Durham University), presenting on “Text Mining with’s Text Tools.”
  • James M. Tucker (University of Toronoto), who will present on “Computational Methods to Reconstruct Fragmentary Manuscripts.”

The schedule for the workshop and conference can be found here.

How to attend the conference

The workshop and conference is free and will be held on Zoom. Those who wish to attend should register here to receive a link and password to access the Zoom session for the conference and workshop.


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