About The Digital Orientalist

About The Digital Orientalist

This online magazine is run by a dedicated team of scholars, librarians, and students. We share our experience using digital tools in the Humanities, especially as it relates to our day-to-day workflow.

Our name, The Digital Orientalist, may raise an eyebrow. We are all fully aware of the contentious meaning of ‘Orientalism’ and its relation to colonialism. We are of the opinion that enough years have gone by to pick this name up again, to convey in one word the relation between our fields of studies. In this sense we mirror similar initiatives like The Digital Classicist, The Digital Medievalist, The Digital Humanist, etc. As diverse as our fields of studies are, when it comes to digital solutions, there are many shared aspects. We therefore think we stand to benefit from talking to each other, to learn of best practices in other fields.


The Digital Orientalist is affiliated with the American Oriental Society and is active on both Twitter and Facebook. Please consider following us for news and updates.

For more information on our editorial team and to access profiles for our individual editors please visit our “Editorial Team” page.

Hall of Fame

  • Megan Lewis, Editor for Ancient Near East Studies ’18-’19. Now running Digital Hammurabi.
  • Maksim Abdul Latif, Editor for Islamic Studies ’18-’19.
  • Guilia Buriola, Editor for Indian Studies ’19-’20.

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