A new year, a new team

This year, The Digital Orientalist will come to life as it never has done before. It will no longer be one man’s blog, but a website run by a team of six people, bringing you new content (almost) every week. We are scholars, librarians, and students, based in three continents, from four different fields of what used to be called ‘Oriental Studies.’ We come together because we think the challenges for using computers in our research (and studies) are similar and so we think we can learn from each other. This year, we hope to pay special attention to big DH projects that are one to three years underway. If you want your project to be covered on our website, get in touch.

As editor-in-chief, it is my pleasure to introduce to you this new team. You may learn more about them by going to their About page.

We now have Deniz Çevik as our social media manager. She studies at McGill’s School of Library and Information Studies.

Charles Riley is catalog librarian for African languages at Yale University Library, and will write about Digital Humanities in relation to the study of the history and culture of Africa.

Maksim Abdul Latif is a research-assistant at Utrecht University, and will cover Islamic Studies and the Middle-East.

The same region, but for ancient history, is covered by Megan Lewis, a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University.

The Far East, in particular Japan, is under the care of James Morris, a researcher in Japan Studies.

Some fields are still left open and vacant. If you are involved in Sinology, the Indian Subcontinent, Central Asia, or Eastern Christianity, and you have or want to get experience in Digital Humanities, you should come and write for us! These areas are especially attractive to us, but feel free to pitch a different idea. If you think you can join us, let me know by writing to social _at_ digitalorientalist.com

Here is the team one more time at a glance:



All the best for this new academic year,

Cornelis van Lit

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