Announcing a Handbook for DH and Manuscript Studies

Millions of documents have been scanned and stored as images of pages. Now what? For the past 1,5 years I have been writing about this exact question. In a nutshell, I am preparing a handbook for bringing together Digital Humanities and Manuscript Studies. It is especially suitable for students and scholars who have been classically trained in handling manuscript materials and who want to take advantage of the incredible computing power they know they have literally at their fingertips. For them, this book gives a conceptual and practical toolbox to work with digitized manuscripts. Or, to put it differently, how do you effectively work with manuscripts now that so much of our workflow goes on digitally?

Take a look here for more information:

You may have been wondering why I, your editor-in-chief, have not been writing on The Digital Orientalist. Well now you know why; because I have been busy with this project. I have kept quiet about it because I wanted to keep the content fresh for the book. A fair part of it grew out of the many years of writing for this website, and for those cases I have overhauled my thinking and written down in a manner more rigorously argued for. A big part, however, is brand new.

If you work with manuscripts or archival material, then this book, parts of it or as a whole, will probably be of help to you. It will take a while before you can hold it in your hands, but in the meantime you can leave your email address at the website above to be notified of its release.

Click here to see a poster about the book

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