The Schedule for the Digital Orientalisms Twitter Conference 2020 (#DOsTC2020)

Today, we have the pleasure to announce the schedule of the Digital Orientalist’s Digital Orientalisms Twitter Conference 2020  (#DOsTC2020) which will take place on June 20th, 2020. All times are given in Universal Coordinated Time +1 (UTC+1, alternatively known as British Summer Time, BST) in the first instance and are followed by Japan Standard Time (in red) and Eastern Standard Time (in blue) in parentheses.

It is important to note that whilst we will try to stick to this schedule there is a likelihood that some speakers may run into technological difficulties given the nature of the conference and its use of Twitter as a platform, as such the schedule should be viewed as a general guide to the day’s proceedings.

The Schedule of the Digital Orientalisms Twitter Conference 2020 (#DOsTC2020)

Opening Remarks

13.00-13.15 UTC+1 (21.00-21.15 JST, 08.00-08.15 EST)

Keynote Speaker 1

Pat Lockley 13.15-13.45 UTC+1 (21.15-21.45 JST, 08.15-08.45 EST)

First Session

Paper by Kusumita Datta 13.45-14.00 UTC+1 (21.45-22.00 JST, 08.45-09.00 EST)

Paper by Claudia Simonelli 14.00-14.15 UTC+1 (22.00-22.15 JST, 09.00-09.15 EST)

Paper by Thomas Lebée 14.15-14.30 UTC+1 (22.15-22.30 JST, 09.15-09.30 EST)

Coffee Break and Discussion 14.30-14.45 UTC+1 (22.30-22.45 JST, 09.30-09.45 EST)

Second Session – DH and Pandemic

Paper by Adrian Plau, Nicola Cook and Miten Mistry. 14.45-15.15 UTC+1 (22.45-23.15 JST, 09.45-10.15 EST)

Abridged Version of “Dissertating in the Digital Age” by Bihter Esener from the Digital Orientalist’s Account 15.15-15.30 UTC+1 (23.15-23.30 JST, 10.15-10.30 EST)

Digital Resources Session by James Morris 15.30-15.45 UTC+1 (23.30-23.45 JST, 10.30-10.45 EST)

Coffee Break and Discussion 15.45-16.00 UTC+1 (23.45-00.00 JST, 10.45-11.00 EST)

Third Session

Invited Paper by Ani Schug from Rerooted Archive 16.00-16.15 UTC+1 (00.00-00.15 JST, 11.00-11.15 EST)

Joint Paper by N. Mansour and Marwa Gadallah in Arabic 16.15-16.45 UTC+1 (00.15-00.45 JST, 11.15-11.45 EST)

  • Mansour and Gadallah’s paper will be followed by an English translation.

Paper by Sarah Ketchley 16.45-17.00 UTC+1 (00.45-01.00 JST, 11.45-12.00 EST)

Keynote Speaker 2

Heather Hughes 17.00-17.30 UTC+1 (01.00-01.30 CST, 12.00-12.30 EST)

Closing Remarks and Further Discussion

17.30-18.00 (01.30-02.00 JST, 12.30-13.00 EST)

We hope our readers will enjoy the conference, interact with speakers, and share their papers. See you on June 20th!

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