Editors, Contributors, and What we do at the Digital Orientalist

A driving idea behind our magazine is direct experience: If you want to learn DH, why not immediately write about it? Putting your thoughts in writing conveys more directly, and to people you will be more than ‘that person who does DH in our field’. You will be the person who works on a topic, with that digital database. Our team includes some members with expertise in programming, but a lot of us work and write more generally. Our readers (50.000+ annually, tuning in from all over the world) are differently experienced in Digital Humanities, and appreciate the low barrier to entry of our articles.

Roughly speaking, we cover Africa, Middle East, and Asia. We are looking for interesting voices in these domains. At the same time, we are looking into expanding to cover Oceania or Pacific Island Studies. We offer an instant audience of 50.000+ unique visitors per year.

Writing for DO is much less demanding than writing formal academic papers. Articles range between 500-1500 words, and they can be a bit off the cuff. Some are summaries of your own experience with a new tool/technique, some are notes about your vision for the future, others are reviews or interviews of what other people have been doing. It’s a means to get your experience out there, either to benefit others or simply to plant your flag in a topic early on, with formal publications coming in the future.

We are currently looking for editors, contributors, guest contributors, and team members for the academic year 2022/2023. As an editor you are the main face/voice of that specific area, helping editing pieces by contributors in the same area. You will be asked to contribute 3-5 articles, and you can work with the social media manager to attract specific or new audiences. As a contributor you will supply 2-4 articles during the academic year. You will be credited as a team member on the website. As a guest contributor you will supply 1 article, which we will incorporate on the website. You will be credited as the author of the piece.

Finally, we are looking for social media manager(s) to expand our presence online. We have an active following on Twitter and Facebook, but we are always on the look for new ways to reach a broader audience.

You can find our CfA here. Deadline July 25th.

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