CfA for Social Media Manager

Are you good with social media and do you know a fair few things about Digital Humanities? Or are you eager to learn about those things? Come and join The Digital Orientalist as its dedicated social media manager!

We are now seeking candidates for the position of Social Media Manager for the academic year 2022/2023. The responsibilities include:

  • Running our Twitter account;
  • Managing our Facebook page;
  • Developing the Digital Orientalist’s online presence in coordination with the founder and the Editor in Chief.

This position is ideal for anyone who has already some experience in managing social media, and would like to learn more about it in a friendly environment through trial and error. The position provides opportunity to create and/or increase the manager’s visibility online; network with those engaged in the Digital Humanities across various fields; and promote one’s name in both academic and non-academic areas.

The DO posts twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. On those days, the Social Media Manager will repost the articles tagging author and relevant institutions, inserting proper hashtags. This requires around 30 minutes for each post. Further development of social media presence will depend on availability of all parties involved.

Anybody is encouraged to apply, but the position will most likely be of interest to graduate students. Digital Humanities is very popular right now, and will be so for a good many years. By working with DO, you will learn more about Digital Humanities while getting your name out to thousands of scholars around the world and get tangible evidence to put on your CV.

The Digital Orientalist is run on a voluntary basis. As such, we are unable to offer any stipend for any position.

To apply, please fill in this form by Sept 30th!

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