Google Translate with One Click (Mac)

Yes we all know; Google translator is best described as “quick and dirty”. Nonetheless, we all use it because it is very convenient and helpful. Just like the title suggests, this trick will save you the time of copying the selected text from a document then opening the Safari browser then searching for Google translator page then pasting the text there then hitting the translate button (😒 way to much clicks). Let’s get into it.

This script will let you translate any selected text into English in Google translate (in almost all Mac applications). Here it is in action.


To have it installed on you Mac download this file from here and follow the instructions in this video👇:


Or follow these instructions:

Download this file from here > double click it to unzip > double click the “Translate Google.workflow” file > go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services (on the right) > Then look for “Translate Google”> Click “Add Shortcut” > Click “command option control G” (at the same time) and you’re done. Select any word or sentence and hit command option control G; Tadaaaaa 🎵.

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