Have a Great Summer

The Digital Orientalist will go into summer recess for July and August. Still need to scratch your DH itch? You might want to keep an eye on the DH2019 conference next week. A big thanks to all of you, our readers, and also to the team of editors for making season ’18-’19 a great success: we have seen a big increase in our writing output and equally in our readership. We are glad to be able to start and continue a conversation on computer technology in the humanities.

For faithful followers of DO it might come as no surprise: we have been transitioning from a personal blog run by me (Cornelis van Lit) to an online magazine run by a team. After the summer, we will complete this transformation. James Morris will take over as editor-in-chief. I myself will stay involved with the DO as founding member and occasional contributor, but it is my intention (and hope) that this is a next step in a gradual maturing of DO into a platform that many people may use to their advantage. Around the beginning of next season, James will inform you of what DO will entail for the academic year ’19-’20. We have been working on some awesome improvements, so look out for that!

– Cornelis

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