Call for Papers: The Digital Orientalist’s Virtual Workshop and Conference 2021

For details on registration etc. please visit this page.

In June 2019 and June 2020 The Digital Orientalist held Twitter Conferences where scholars, students, educators, librarians and curators came together to present their work in short papers on Twitter. Following the successes of these conferences, this year Maddalena Poli, Mariana Zorkina, James Morris, and LWC van Lit are organizing a small workshop-based conference which will be hosted by The Digital Orientalist on Zoom on June 26, 2021.

The Digital Orientalist’s Virtual Conference 2021

Although previous conferences have focused primarily on sharing research, The Digital Orientalist’s Virtual Workshop and Conference 2021 will primarily focus on research methods. In the intra-pandemic world numerous conferences and academic meetings have gone digital, but there is still relatively limited space devoted to the discussion of digital research methods or to the processes of conducting digital humanities research within the field of oriental studies broadly defined. We hope to create a space where scholars, students, educators, librarians, and creators can come together and share tools, resources, and research methods with colleagues in related disciplines. As such, The Digital Orientalist invites proposals for 10–20-minute papers, tutorials, and reviews to be presented at The Digital Orientalist’s Virtual Workshop and Conference 2021. We hope that all papers, tutorials, or reviews will contain a practical element i.e. introducing a particular method, tool, or database and how audience members can use said method, tool, or database.

How will it work?

People interested in presenting can send us proposals here. The deadline for proposals is May 15, 2021.

We are offering speakers three sorts of presentation formats: a paper format, a tutorial format, and a review format. The paper format allows speakers to share their research and teaching with a focus on the practical or methodological side of that research or teaching. The tutorial format allows speakers to share how to use a particular tool or piece of software. For example, it might allow a speaker to provide a short tutorial on how to use some mapping software. The review format will allow scholars to review pieces of software, hardware, books, projects, apps etc. that they have used in their research or teaching and presumably want to recommend (or decry) to others.

Each presenter will be allocated a 10–20-minute time slot for a pre-recorded video which will be watched on the day of the conference. After each session there will be time for some Q&A and discussion.

We hope participants will be understanding if technical issues or other problems are encountered, and that they will enjoy participating in the conference!

In case you missed it earlier in this post, proposals can be made here.


Questions should be forwarded to the Digital Orientalist’s Editor-in-Chief, James Morris, either through twitter (@JHMorris89) or email (

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