Repost of a Roundtable Discussion: ‘Digital Humanities, Digital Communities”

The following online roundtable discussion was part of a School of Culture, History, and Language ‘Flagship’ event organised by Christopher Diamond and Stephanie Majcher of the Australian National University (ANU) called ‘Identity and Ways of Knowing’, which took place during global Covid lockdown(s) in 2021. This roundtable was one of three conversations held between a group of international scholars and researchers working in a variety of fields relating to Asia and the Pacific. Because of the organisers own networks and experience, South Asian materials and community contexts feature heavily. We are also joined by experts on Indonesia and the Pacific, all engaged in various digital projects. 

The focus of this discussion is in connecting university and institution-based scholars interested in using digital tools and means of communication for their own work with stake-holding cultural communities. Prof. Adrian Vickers (University of Sydney) brought these discussions into focus during his keynote talk. Picking up on Prof. Vickers reflections, the roundtable conversation then touched on various topics, including: equitable accessibility to digital spaces, methods of designing projects for collaborative community engagement, and combining teaching and research in digital spaces, etc.. This roundtable is part primer and part brainstorming session into the possibilities and needs for such a multimodal conversation. Information on all of the roundtable speakers and links to all of the various digital projects spoken about during this conversation can be found on the roundtable page on the ANUBhasha website.

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