About Anna Oskina

My specialization is Japanese study. I taught Japanese literature, contemporary and classical Japanese at HSE University in Moscow. I have an interest in book history, manuscripts and xylographs and how the book industry influences literature. I can read kuzushi-ji in xylographs of the Edo period. In 2018 I took part in Graduate Summer School in Japanese Early-modern Palaeography at Cambridge University. That time I was focused on translating classical Japanese texts into Russian and I had a passion for very close and very slow reading.

Several years ago I realized the possibilities of using computing methods and did my master degree in Digital Humanities. My thesis was devoted to the semantic analysis of  loanwords in different graphics (characters, katakana and latin letters) in Meiji-Taisho fiction writings. I believe that distant and close reading are great in its combination and that interpretation of any big data results must be based on well-formulated hypotheses.